If you do the things you need to do when you need to do them, then someday you can do the things you want do when you want to do them.

GrapeGears Calendar makes it easy to schedule meetings, manage events and effectively engage with customers.

Designed for authorized employees to use so that information about a customer or an event may be distributed internally to staff or published to the web site for customers to see.

We all use the GrapeGears Calendar
Calendar6-400x300 The business of selling wine and creating club members involves many participants, all of whom need to view the business schedule, anywhere, anytime.

The GrapeGears Calendar answers questions such as: What customers are coming in and when? Who will greet them? Which customers at this event are the most important to us? When and where are we meeting? Who has been invited? What events has this customer attended? When am I scheduled to work?

A Place for Everything . . .
Calendar2-400x300 A single business calendar that can be shared by all authorized employees, the GrapeGears Calendar allows the business to share events with customers via the web site calendar while managing tastings, meetings attendance and staff allocations all in one place.

Categories differentiate event types, customer access, meeting requirements, venues and attendees to make the information more meaningful to participants and enable marketing campaigns.

The GrapeGears Calendar is integrated with CRM so customer records may be assigned to various events to alert staff as to each customer’s details, preferences and value making customer engagement more meaningful.

The GrapeGears Calendar can publish updates to the web site calendar with upcoming events providing a platform for ticket sales, accommodation and table bookings.