Customer Relationship Management

Deliver individualized experiences your customers can trust.

GrapeGears CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a strategic set of tools that enables a business to understand and improve relationships with customers, club members, colleagues, partners and vendors.

GrapeGears CRM shows everything about an customer in one place. Every interaction with that customer is available, contact details, order status, tastings, events attended, emails exchanged, club details and history, spend, birthday, special instructions, etc. Everything your marketing and sales professionals need to effectively engage with that customer.

GrapeGears CRM Marketing Tools

The GrapeGears CRM system records all contacts with customers, their memberships, auxiliary clubs, web activity, favorite products and events with a full history of contact and spend.

CRM-3-400x300 Guy Pointing GrapeGears CRM identifies customer source, referrals and segments customers by specific preferences.

GrapeGears CRM provides calendar integration, customer bio, photos, emails, order history and contact notes and is invaluable in maintaining high levels of customer engagement and service.

Regardless of how a customer wants to interact, in person at a tasting room or an event, via phone, email or social media GrapeGears has one customer account containing all the information about that customer. Even better, GrapeGears gives the customer access to their own account so they can manage it themselves.

Finding new customers, winning their business, providing support and additional services throughout the relationship are all enabled by GrapeGears CRM.

Knowing about your customers is important for acquisition and keeping track of customers is crucial for retention.

How it all Works
POS-CC-400x300 These days just to sell and deliver wine you need a lot of information from a customer, contact details, shipping instructions, credit card, phone, email, etc.

That initial information usually begins with a sales person, perhaps in the tasting room, transitions through administration and fulfilment then to packing and shipping.

By using the data collected, your team can proactively address issues and reach out to satisfied customers at the right moment, to encourage repeat purchases.

Continuing Sales
CRM2 Guy Pointing Once input, GrapeGears is positioned to use the customer data for subsequent sales via tasting room, email, phone or web shop orders, without asking the customer for further information.

The customer now has “an account” with you making subsequent sales easy.

Since GrapeGears is all one system the customer account is recognized in the tasting room, on the web site, at an event and in a wine club run.

Customer Service
Customer Service 400x340 The level of customer service your business delivers is a primary factor in customer retention. If you need to resolve customer issue, GrapeGears CRM has all activity concerning that customer, including past purchases, preferences, and anything else that might help in finding a solution quickly.

GrapeGears CRM positions you to provide better service to customers through improved understanding of their issue and history. The customer perceives this as good customer service. You get the added advantage of lower costs because issues can be addressed immediately.

Optimize Marketing
Market more effectively. Create segments of your customers based on order history, clubs, geographical location, and more. Then, use GrapeGears integrated social marketing and direct marketing tools to send targeted offers and track performance.

GrapeGears CRM allows a more targeted and cost-efficient marketing program. By understanding customer needs and behavior, you will be able to identify the correct time to promote your product.

GrapeGears CRM will also help you segment your customers providing insight into which are the more profitable customer groups. By using this information, you can set up relevant promotions and execute them at the right time. By optimizing marketing resources revenue increase at a lower per customer cost.

GrapeGears truly delivers on the “membership has its privileges” concept permitting customer engagement on a personal level, knowing their details, preferences, contact and purchase history, etc. GrapeGears CRM helps winery staff develop a powerful relationship with wine club members and leverages the relationship on a wide scale without the need of extra staff.