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A personalized, comprehensive e-commerce experience.

For many wineries eCommerce, web site sales, represents a small portion of their revenue, in spite of the fact that their web site is attractive with beautiful vineyard scenes, etc.

People talk about social media marketing and viral content, but in the real world, if no one is searching major search engines for your product, then frankly you have not developed sufficient demand to support your eCommerce platform.

GrapeGears portfolio of eCommerce tools puts your marketing in the driver's seat, directing customers to your eCommerce site and making it easy to find and buy.

Aim High on Search Engine Rankings
SEO400x300GrapeGears provides effective eCommerce tools like "keywords", "product attributes" and "catalog filters" attracting search engines to zero-in on your eCommerce products by forming a more perfect search match.

Product attributes are characteristics that define your product enabling consumers to search, filter and compare products easily, aiding browsing and decision making. More hits in a search results in more customers at your eCommerce store.

Personalize the Shopping Experience
Shopping Experience 400x300 As the business grows in complexity or number of products the web site shop will need to be structured to meet a wider range of customer requirements.

GrapeGears filters such as "product categories" and "brand categories" are personalisation tools that help drive the nurturing process to tailor content to individual customers.

eCommerce personalization means showing individualized offers, product recommendations, and other content to your visitors based on their previous actions, demographics, and other personal data. GrapeGears products can be displayed for sale or can be exclusive to club members or hidden entirely. Club member-only products could include event tickets and bookings for stays in winery accommodation.

Promote a Shopping Trip
Shopping Cart Through its content management tools, GrapeGears enables social and direct marketing to effectively personalize the web site shop products.

Follow up by inspiring more sales with a streamlined checkout. Employ sophisticated up-selling tools including "allocations" and "promotions" enticing customers to buy more wine.

Then assist with "featured products" and "promo codes" for special offers on products, events or bundles.

Affiliate Marketing ~ Expand Your Business
Affilliate Marketing KeyboardThe GrapeGears Web site Shopping Cart is fully integrated with CRM, Products and Order Processing to manage all sales, grow wine clubs and maximize customer satisfaction.

The GrapeGears web site shop also manages “affiliated products” for example the shop may list an event, but when the customer clicks to buy, the bookings may be taken by a third party agency.

Products or web sites may be redirected to a single web shop, for instance; a separate web site for the winery bed & breakfast may redirect to that (product) within the winery web site shop. In this way winery customers or club members may book the B&B online without entering all their personal or credit card data which is already contained within the GrapeGears CRM.