Multi Location Inventory

Inventory - one of the most important assets of a business - the source of both cost and revenue.

Unique Winery Inventory Issues

Wine is a product that is used daily in marketing efforts. Once opened, it is no longer a product available for sale.
With multiple tasting rooms, warehouses, winery locations and events, all needing wine to be opened and poured in support of the marketing effort, keeping track of wine inventory taxes any system.

Wine inventory is also maintained in multiple units of measure, for example: bottles, cases, pallets, gallons, alcohol content and vintage.

Direct-to-consumer marketing requires wine to be transported over distances but wine requires a controlled environment so many wineries maintain inventory in multiple locations, including third party warehouses.

All this wine inventory, in all these multiple locations, a product that is temperature sensitive and constantly used for samples requires a special inventory management system.

GrapeGears Inventory Solutions

Wine Warehouse 397x301GrapeGears Inventory management in the sales and marketing of wine is virtually automatic, easy for temporary staff to use effectively and difficult to abuse.

While easy-to-manage the GrapeGears inventory incorporates pours, gifts and marketing samples as well as web site shop, wine club and tasting room in real-time across any number of local or remote storage facilities.

The GrapeGears Inventory system is automated, operating behind-the-scenes across multiple locations allowing management of products and wine in bottles, cases and pallets in any number of bonded or tax-paid locations with a whole-of-life product overview.