Order Processing

Workflow - the right work delivered in the right sequence at the right time to the right people.

Order processing is the work-flow associated with the approval, picking, packing and delivery of products to a shipping carrier.

Trying to compete in today’s highly competitive landscape businesses are putting a premium on speed, savings and customer experience within their order processing operations.

GrapeGears automates every phase of order processing, from the time the original order is received to when the shipment has been delivered to a satisfied customer.

What's in it for You?
GrapeGears produces more orders, faster, using less resources to more happy, satisfied customers.
  • Significantly reduce order processing time, costs and errors.
  • Improve order fulfillment efficiency allowing volume growth without corresponding cost growth.
  • Eliminate risks of imbalanced inventory levels.
  • Bring visibility into every order processed via real-time access, anywhere, anytime.
  • Capture measurable data to enable focused marketing campaigns .

Why it Works

OrderFulfillmentGrapeGears provides visibility over all orders regardless of customer type from order origin, through fulfillment.

GrapeGears reduces workflow by streamlining the process and managing inventory, credit card processing, compliance, tax, shipping fees and accounts receivable, all as background tasks.

GrapeGears enables multiple selling locations processing mobile, web site and POS orders automatically, streamlining many traditional processes into one.

GrapeGears eliminates the costly, time consuming task of uploading sales orders and inventory into the accounting system saving time while providing both sales and accounting staff the tools to collect outstanding accounts receivable. GrapeGears also permits open choice of merchant service companies for credit card processing so you can continually negotiate their best rate.

How it Works
Order Processing TabletGrapeGears provides immediate updates whenever an order has been received, confirmed and shipped so all staff involved are equipped to optimize the customer experience.

Orders enter the business through various sales channels - distributors, wholesalers, brokers, club members, tasting room retail customers, wine club runs, brand ambassadors and web site shop.

GrapeGears automatically assigns "Order Types" based on their origin for example, Web, POS, or MCR orders. Similarly, GrapeGears assigns an "Order Status" for example, Open, Accounts Receivable, Paid, Fulfilled, Cancelled, or Bad AR. Additionally, GrapeGears assigns each order a unique "Order Number" to identify that specific order.

GrapeGears is a collaborative platform capable of automating multiple business processes for validation and reconciliation. When necessary, GrapeGears can create a human readable version of the order enabling authorized users to add strategy, value and notes to every action they take in creating and completing any order.