Point of Sale

Sell wine and create customers anywhere, anytime.

The GrapeGears POS system enables sales to be finalized quickly and easily while automatically gathering customer details within the GrapeGears CRM system.

Using GraprGears point-of- sale any number of customers may have open orders being managed simultaneously by any number of staff.POS System

Existing customers are recognized and any special status, club discounts, etc., are automatically taken into account at time of sale, enhancing accuracy and boosting customer satisfaction.

New customers are automatically on-boarded into CRM via their credit card detection.

Email addresses are automatically added to their file via email receipting, permitting further post-sale marketing opportunities.

Behind the scenes inventory management and shipping fulfillment are taking place, reducing front-of-house staff workload.

GrapeGears POS ~ Fast and Easy to Use
Historically referred to as the "cash register" the POS can become a choke point in a busy tasting room with "register queuing" resulting in dissatisfied customers and lost sales.

In the tasting room the point-of-sale system must be simple to use, fast, accurate and always available. In busy times multiple users need simultaneous access.
GrapeGears POS allows individual servers to maintain their own personal view of products they are selling, providing structure to their tasting presentation and simplifying checkout. Temporary and new staff can come up to speed in minutes.

Each server can maintain as many "open" orders as they need with quick retrieval of their own orders so customers are able to run a ‘tab” over time, pay in cash or via credit card, split their bill and reward their server with a gratuity for a job well done.

Customers with special requirements such as split payments or multiple shipping destinations can be managed easily and quickly. That customer who buys fourteen bottles, ships twelve and takes two for dinner is automatically managed by the GrapeGears POS on one receipt.

Fully integrated with the CRM system, the POS system recognizes the customer, maintains credit cards on file for billing, any discounts that apply, back orders waiting, calculates appropriate shipping, tax and special requirements and checks shipping destination alcohol laws for compliance. Receipts may be printed or emailed to the customer. With GrapeGears POS in the tasting room every customer gets VIP service.

Mobile ~ Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device
GrapeGears POS runs on any device, PC, tablet or cell phone and can be used to sell wine anywhere, anytime.

In the tasting room GrapeGears POS allows individual servers to use any combination of mobile devices or stationary register devices, whatever is appropriate at the moment. Orders reside in the cloud so they are simply assigned to a server and follow that server.

At events, dinners or anywhere on the road wine sales can be made anywhere using internet, WiFi or cellular data connection and since it is fully integrated with the CRM system, all of the customer details, order history, spend, club levels, etc. are available right there on your phone .
GrapeGears POS ~ Special Features
Shifts are an effective way to manage orders made during the business day. Shift management at each venue can manage the cash float, orders, pours and adjustments, track numbers of tasters, types of tasters and report on individual sales person performance.

Shifts are updated in real time so management may view a Shift at any time. Check on how the day is going, if the tasting room needs extra staff or other resources.

The Sales order tab can be split between any number of tasters with any combination of different credit cards and cash. Products can also be split into carry-out and shipping without extra orders, etc.

Keyboard and touch screen devices can be used interchangeably, for instance a server can take an order or update an open order (tab) on their mobile phone and as the customer leaves the greeter can check them out using a traditional PC with keyboard and mouse.

Orders may be voided or credited through the POS, subject to employee access control, and inventory is managed as a background processes by system intelligence rather than leaving it to the casual tasting employee.
GrapeGears POS ~ Your Doorway to Marketing
The POS system is where a new customer is created so POS is obviously a great point to gather data on the customer that may help in future engagements and marketing programs. To assist GrapeGears POS has automated functionality to :
  • Capture email addresses during checkout.
  • Segment customers for targeted campaigns, such as:
    • Follow-ups on tasting room visits with a thank-you email.
    • Repeat product purchases by simply knowing which wines your customer preferred can help you target your marketing.
    • Invite feedback by encouraging prior visitors to post reviews to social media.
    • Inclusion in groups with notifications of new releases of the wines they previously purchased.
    • Invitations to events.
  • Have tasting employees record notes on customer preferences for travel, events, etc.
The key to building brand loyalty lies in listening to your customers and getting to know them on an individual basis. When new customers visit your tasting room, you have an opportunity to lay the groundwork for lasting relationships. When you know customers' unique interests, you're able to better develop a marketing strategy pertinent to each customer.