Security & Reliability

Software designed in the past was focused on a future that is already history.

The wine market is rapidly evolving so GrapeGears continues to evolve. The evolution began with our own requirements. It continues as we develop the platform further.

GrapeGears actually allows you sell more wine by simplifying the process, lower your costs by getting more done with your current people and help you to embrace growth using your existing story, staff and resources.

The sole purpose of GrapeGears is to deliver the best business practices of the future, developed by a winery, for wineries to use anywhere, anytime on any device.

Created by Us for Ourselves
As owners of a successful winery we made the decision to create GrapeGears for our own use. The world of wine sales and marketing was evolving, mid-sized wineries were being acquired by large wine corporations forming conglomerates of wine brands and distribution channels.

If small, family owned wineries were to survive in this new world they would have to be agile, quick to recognize new marketing opportunities and able to adapt to meet those opportunities.

Design Mandates ~ Operational Values
Our original design mandates have now become operational values, namely:
  • Incorporate solid business practices within each of the processes.
  • Customer data protection is our number one priority.
  • Use system intelligence to make it fast and simple to use.
  • Available anywhere, anytime on any device
  • No software licenses, versions, downloads, apps, etc.
  • No backup systems or specific hardware., etc.
  • No technical staff, web developers, etc.
  • Absolutely no reliance on third party software or integrations
  • Minimize printed reports - winery owners can view business status right on their phone.
  • Scalable - increase available resources in busy periods catering for business growth.
  • No traditional limitations - numbers of users, clubs, products, etc.
  • Employ system intelligence to control user access.
  • Intuitive - easy to learn - if you can buy on Amazon, you can use GrapeGears.
  • Maintain a secure environment from user keyboard throughout the entire system.
  • Continue to evolve as the market demands - grow system functionality as needed.

Cloud Computing
GrapeGears uses cloud computing. When you search on Google, update your Facebook status on buy on Amazon, you’re using cloud computing. Cloud computing increases efficiency, helps improve cash flow and requires no up-front hardware or software capital expenditure.

Cloud based systems are scalable with higher performance at a lower cost, the servers are off-premise and suppliers take care of them for you and automatically roll out regular software performance and security updates. Because your data is stored in the cloud, you can access anywhere, anytime on any PC, tablet or phone.

Security and Safety
With GrapeGears your valuable business data is constantly available, backed up and protected in real time on secure servers located in professionally managed data centers protected by industrial-strength firewall technology.

There is no hardware or software to buy or maintain and no traditional IT requirements. GrapeGears is delivered via cloud computing, available on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis anywhere, anytime on any device.

The GrapeGears servers that store and manage data use Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) within a connection encrypted by Transport Layer Security protocol for secure communication over our computer networks and the Internet.

This HTTPS provides authentication of our website and its web servers to authorized browser users. Additionally, it provides bidirectional encryption of our communications, protecting against eavesdropping and any third party attempting to tamper with the contents of our communications.

GrapeGears maintains files for your customer's details including credit card tokens but, conforming to PCI compliance, GrapeGears does not carry the card information within the GrapeGears system.
Improved Performance + Lower Cost
Website3-AWS 450x400 Improved performance - enjoy finding out what using multi-core hyper-threaded Intel processors across enterprise-class network equipment with Gigabit Ethernet really feels like.

GrapeGears delivers lightning-fast SSD storage because your customers only want to buy on a reliable, fast web site that is as secure as Amazon Servers.