Engagement & Implementation

A successful business is an average business with laser focus.


We prefer to engage as a consultative partner focused on helping you use our software to improve your direct-to-consumer sales and marketing performance. Our professional team knows your business because they are focused on it every day.

We understand that it's your business. Our objective is to show you the tools we have developed to manage our business and how you might apply them to manage your business in the best possible way. Our partnership engagement is generally conducted along the following five steps.

Step 1 - Assessment Meeting

  • Meet with principals to understand and agree on the current status of the business
  • Determine the next three years business objectives.
  • Review current web site, club management, tasting room and back office order, inventory and fulfillment processes
  • This assessment meeting can be conducted via phone conference.
  • Determine the value proposition for moving to the next Step.

Step 2 - Solution Overview

  • Presentation of GrapeGears as the solution to achieve the business objectives.
  • This presentation meeting can be conducted via phone conference using GoToMeeting.
  • Decision point for continuing the relationship to Step 3.


Not just another software company, we are your neighbor, a successful winery running GrapeGears. We don’t employ salespeople and we don’t pay commissions. Our staff have all worked in the wine industry, in tasting rooms, wine club management and customer service. They will work with you throughout the implementation, the transfer of your current customer data, the training of your people and then provide post-implementation support.

Step 3 - Implementation Review (usually four weeks to complete)

  • Review and accept GrapeGears agreement.
  • Identify potential data conversion methods and decide on a method.
  • Migrate existing website content and re-host it on GrapeGears platform.
  • Train your SuperUser and establish access levels for employees on the system
  • Establish merchant services account.
  • Set system parameters for shipping, tax, compliance and gratuity management.
  • Complete standard system emails, notices etc.
  • Establish training sessions and content for your key staff.
    • Executive team.
    • Marketing team.
    • Wine club and customer service team.
    • Tasting room team.
  • Final meeting to ensure correct procedures are being implemented to achieve the goals.

Step 4 - Go-Live

  • Go-live is structured based upon the number of staff involved and usually covers in order: Tasting Room, Shipping and Fulfillment, Marketing and finally Wine Club.
  • Throughout the Go-Live month one of our senior people will be assigned to assist your SuperUser support your end users.

Step 5 - Three Month Post-Implementation Review

  • Review of your system usage with management and team leaders.
  • Review performance against original business goals.
  • This review meeting can be conducted via phone conference.