Wine Club Management

Club members - major contributors to winery success.

Wine club members have authorized the business to ship them a selection of wine on a regular basis and bill their credit card on file. In return they receive privileges such as discounts on purchases, access to winery events, special offers, etc.

GrapeGears Club Membership
Wine Bottles in Box GrapeGears allows easy creation and management of an unlimited number of different wine clubs.

GrapeGears MCR System (Membership Club Release) allows automatic processing of any number of clubs all with individual selections of wine and related products.

GrapeGears simplifies the management of exceptions, identifies inventory requirements and performs rapid processing of the wine club billing and shipping fulfillment.

A Little More Detail

GrapeGears MCR provides a forecast of wine and product requirements for individual and total club runs and can also be used as a requirements indicator to determine future wine production needs.

GrapeGears MCR manages exceptions easily and quickly, runs “shipment” and “pickup” memberships simultaneously and permits “allocations” for select club members to modify their club shipments each time, subject to rules established around product availability.

GrapeGears MCR takes care of individual customer shipping preferences, multiple delivery points, skipped shipments and product requirements by location.

The Whole Nine Yards
GrapeGears can maintain an unlimited number of wine club varieties providing regular shipments of wine in accordance with each member’s specific requirements, for example:
  • Unlimited Number of Different Clubs
  • Manage Shipping Frequency monthly, quarterly annually, etc.
  • Quantity - Unlimited number of regular bottles per shipment.
  • Discount - Multi-layered discount structure based on Club / Customer / Product hierarchy.
  • Bottle Format - 375ml / 750ml / 1.5L - whatever . . .
  • Wine Variety - any combination of red and/or white wines or nominate specific varieties, etc.
  • Special Exceptions - e.g., "always add two extra Pinot"
  • Auxiliary Clubs - caters for special products, gifts or special customer types e.g., golfer

Regular Shipments can be configured as [x] bottles, [x] times / year.

Allocation Shipments can be configured as, [x] bottles, [x] times / year + plus customer's choice from an additional list of available wines with additions and substitutions designed to increase customer spend.

High Speed Order & Credit Card Processing

CC on Keyboard 400x210 GrapeGears provides high speed club processing, creating one hundred new club orders per second and processing credit card transactions at the rate of one hundred per minute.

With GrapeGears, club members can maintain their own account information, update address, credit cards, etc., and change clubs themselves, subject to winery member access rules.