Meet the Team

Margaret DeMo
Margaret DeMo's grandfather, Giuseppe DeMo, had vines in his backyard from which he made wine as a hobby. When Margie was twelve, he let her stomp the grapes in a plastic, dollar store swimming pool. She decided then and there that she would be a wine maker when she grew up.

At DeMo she's responsible for every aspect of making our award winning wines. We think Giuseppe would be proud.

William DeMo fell in love with wine later in life than his sister, Margie. While studying abroad in France, he met a beautiful young sommelier and, in an effort to woo her, learned everything he could about wine. While he's never reached expert status, he did get the girl - his wife, Claudette. He even learned to enjoy a nice glass of red along the way.

That same ability to learn quickly has served him well at DeMo Wines, where he acts as event planner, club manager, website guru, and all-around back-office champion.
William DeMo

Claudette DeMo in profile
Claudette DeMo's first love was wine. Her second love - her husband, William - was only able to convince her to move to America on the promise that, together with his sister, Margie, they'd start a winery.

A certified sommelier, Claudette is DeMo's tasting room manager and food pairings expert.